Moments of Life!

Evenings are magical…the twilight fills up the universe with zillions of colours that time. Each one so separate yet so one.  We spend each day living a different colour. With so much to say and remember about all moments we pass through!

I want to put together instances, feelings, experiences, people. some dreams which were accomplished, some which never made their way out of shut eyes, simple yet so complex but interesting enough to share! Each life is a big novel filled with smile, pain, happiness, love, hate, revenge, sacrifice and relations….and here I put a few more lives together as one ….read on!



All her burdens disappeared the moment Saani’s feet touched this foreign land … here she could live her own way ! She had snatched one year out of her life for herself…to forget all pain, dump all fears and enjoy freedom to its fullest !  At the same time, back home her destiny had very different plans…
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4 thoughts on “Moments of Life!”

  1. in First Story, first line, it should have been “…who belongs to a South Indian Family…” instead of “…an south indian family.”

  2. So atlast, I read it till end (except Abroad-4).
    Nowadays I am going through the feelings Leonie was and found it very real…..
    Well Maggy, I wanaa password now for Abroad-4.
    And yes just like your Shaayari skills, you have nice writing skills. Best of Luck.

  3. Hey Darshana,

    Excellent Writing yaar….Poetry tar chaan asaychya tujhya pan he tyapeksha hi chaan ahe.Khup chaan vatla.I read it complete at one go….Waiting for Abroad-6…Too Good…Keep it up..

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